At New England Infrastructure, we take great pride in our employees and the quality of their work. We employ a staff of dedicated professionals utilizing some of the most innovative construction techniques available in the industry to complete complex, challenging projects. As such, one of our main objectives as a company is to keep all workspaces completely free from hazards, so our valued employees (and all those affected by our projects) enjoy a culture of safety at all times.

It is mandatory that every person employed by New England Infrastructure be continually aware of this commitment to safety. Our company operations are to be carried out in compliance with safety and health regulations promulgated by federal, state and local governments. We are morally bound to instruct our fellow workers to recognize and correct unsafe conditions so that every member of our team proactively cares for the safety of every other member. Our comprehensive safety strategies encourage continuous improvement of our policies, as well as consistent enforcement of our safety culture.

We recognize that safety starts at the top of any company, especially in the construction industry, and we are confident that our safety initiatives are embraced and practiced at all levels within New England Infrastructure. We believe that this safety awareness, in combination with safe working conditions and safe work habits can, in fact, achieve the fulfillment of our safety commitment.

For more information regarding our safety initiatives, please contact us using the information listed below:

New England Infrastructure, Inc.
Jeff Gram, Safety Manager
16 Brent Drive
Hudson, MA 01749